Galaxy RTU

Environmentally safe ready to use, multi-purpose HD degreaser and cleaner

A ready to use HD degreaser for fast effective results in heavy degreasing and organic contaminants removal. Formulated for extreme conditions and cleaning.

Independently assessed and determined to be non-hazardous to the environment1.

Performance Benefits

Foaming dispensing equipment available to enhance product dilution and application, reduce waste, and enable fast, effective, and simple use. Full independent report available on request.


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Ecological benefits

1 Davoren Environmental Pty Ltd, 2022. Report on the Environmental Hazard Assessment of Galaxy and Galaxy RTU.
2 Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals


Ready to use. Use Neat.

  1. Apply with low pressure spray or former.
  2. Apply on a dry surface.
  3. Allow 10 mins dwell time.
  4. Pressure wash or hose off.

Discuss with Challenge Chemicals representative for the best dispensing options.


Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection when using this product.