Premium biodegradable, quick break, multi purpose degreaser and truckwash

Predator is a multi purpose cleaner, truck wash and degreaser in one. Predator is water based, biodegradable, pH neutral, non corrosive, non toxic concentrated liquid making it a safe and effective product to use on any hard surface. Predator is a premium product ideal for use in hard water areas for the removal of grease, grime, oil film, fuel exhaust, soot, bugs and red dirt giving a steak free finish.


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Truckwash & Degreaser – 1 part PREDATOR to 10 parts water.


PREDATOR can be used hot or cold, brushed on, in pressure washers or in automatic truck wash bays. Enquire about our CLEANSAFE Dispensing Systems for safe, economical dispensing.


PREDATOR is available in 5L, 25L, 200L and 1000L containers